Frozen’s Anna Cosplay Tutorial – Part 3

Hey guys, sorry its taken long for this update but schools taken up all spare time haha. Anyway this post will be about the making of the cape of Anna.

To even begin about sewing this cape, you will need to find a suitable fabric for the cape. In the movie you can see that Anna’s cape looks as id it has some weight to it and it also looks like wool. So I got 3 meters of wool/jersey ( stretch) in a powder pink, 2 1/2 meters of pink pompom trim, heart-shaped clasp, 4 meters of 4″ ribbon, and 2 different pink cotton.



After all that fabric stuff, I cut of the top half of Anna’s cape ( I didn’t use a pattern for this part so if you need a pattern try and use this shape in the picture below, if you wish to make this cape). I measured my shoulder length, neck size, and the length I wanted the top half of the cape to be.


I then cut out the two sides of the top half of the cape (this is what the pieces look like if you are making the cape).


I then pinned the sides to the body of the cape and sewn it together, I then clipped the curved part of the shoulder to prevent puckering.


Once it was completely sewn up, I pinned the pompom trims to the outside of the cape, with the pompoms not near the edge ( as you can see in this image below). I then rolled over the trim so that you can only see the pompoms and sewed it together.



This is what the body of the cape looks like with the pompoms and it all sewn up!



ONTO THE REST OF THE CAPE! Anyways, I didn’t have a photo of how I made the long part of the cape but I just folded my fabric in half, marked on my neck measurements and drew a long flowly cape, I’m sure you can find a tutorial on Wikia to show you how to make a cape if you are struggling but other wise its rather easy.



I then cut out two rectangles of the same fabric of the cape and a thin rectangle of pink/purple fur. This is for the collar of the cape. I used the measurements of my neck and the size of how big I wanted it. I sandwiched the pieces together (with the fur in the middle) so that its easier to sew 🙂 .


I then pinned it to the cape and sewed it together.


Onto the decorations! Anna’s cape has scallops around the edges of all her cape but I am only doing it around the body of the cape to save time. I used the 4″ ribbon for the scallops and I used a lid of a tin to have even crescent moon shapes.



I then cut the shapes out and saved the cut outs because they will be needed later! Because I used ribbon, its bound to fray so I used clear nail paint to seal the edges to prevent fraying.


I then GLUED the scallops to the cape, I did this to prevent uneven top-stitching and plus its less time consuming. I then pinned it to keep it in place while it dried.


So that’s it for today guys, sorry once again for the long update. I appreciate all the support I have had during this project and I am glad people are feeling confident enough to ask questions, I honestly do not mind help you if you are making this project all with me! I will try to update sooner and quicker next time, bye bye~


Frozen’s Anna Cosplay Tutorial – part 2

Hey guys, this is just a quick update of the Anna cosplay project. The last post is how you make the skirt and the corset which you can read here. But this post is going to on how to make the lighter blue scallops at the bottom of Anna’s skirt and the finished embroidery on the corset. Anna has these scallop things at the edge of her skirt and a lot of embroidery (embroidery won’t be in this post) but I’m here to post the easiest ways to make these.


Firstly you are best getting a lighter colour blue than you have for the skirt and then folding it in half and drawing around a plate (or something round) and then cutting it out to get the scallops.


Then once you have the amount of scallops you need, you will have to pin it to your skirt. When you have done this you will need to carefully cut them of so that they look like flower petals. By doing this you will be able to put the scallops on carefully and with more precision but if you don’t feel confident with this you can sew the scallops straight to the skirt and hem it.


Once all skirt is cut you can start to pin the scallops to the skirt (inside out) and sew them. This is a very timely exercise so try not to rush it as it will make it look untidy.SAM_1288

I haven’t started the embroidery yet so that is have to be in the next post. Anyway, onto the corset. I have finished the embroidery on the corset but I never included the embroidery on the shoulders or the back because this will be covered with the cape, which I still need to make.SAM_1289

I have also ordered my wig, which my step-dad bought for me of eBay. Here is a screen shot of it:image

Anyways, thanks for your support through this project and if you need any advice or need to ask something, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Frozen’s Anna Cosplay Tutorial -part 1

Hey Guys,  I’m planning to go to Comic Con this year with my sister and her friend, so I’m also planning to cosplay as Anna from Frozen to wear at Comic Con. If you are not familiar with the character here is a picture of her:


So, I got started on looking for a pattern for this costume and discovered very quickly that its not going to appear anywhere (including amazon!). And with this news in mind I researched how to do this costume and I discovered some very easy ways to create it.

This Post is going to be on making the bodice and part of the skirt!

Onto the Bodice

So, Frozen is loosely based around the 1830’s in Norway. With this information in mind, I researched corsets that they would have worn at this time. I found this bodice which I used for Anna’s Corset:

Corset with straps
I still had to tweak this bodice though, as Anna doesn’t have a clip-up front, so instead I put a zip in the back. So I started with a mock-up with this bodice and I was very pleased at how easy it was to make.


So, once I had the mock-up done, my step-dad took me to the local fabric shop and bought me a bunch of stuff, which I’m so grateful for, so I could get started with the real bodice. I got 2 meters of blue/black velvet, 4 meters of thick gold ribbon, an embroidery hoop, embroidery needles, pink and green embroidery threads, gold machine-thread and extra sewing essentials.


I got started with unpicking the mock-up and pinned it to my blue/black velvet and cut them out and sewed them together. And I added a zip!


With the basic bodice completed, I got started with the gold trimming on the bodice. I did this by folding my gold ribbon in half and ironing it. I then pinned it onto the bodice then sewed it.


Here, I haven’t put the ribbon on the arms but I did sew it on after I took this picture. Once I sewed all the ribbon, I started the embroidery on the front, I tried my best to try and get the designs symmetrical on the front. To do this I needed to draw the designs onto the corset with a tailors pencil, which you can barely see here:


Here is half of my embroidery done on the corset:


Onto The Skirt

I knew how to make a basic skirt, so I just added extra panels due to the fact I need to add box pleats into it (because that’s how Anna’s skirt is). I made the pattern on old paper table covers and cut it out and used it to cut my panels.


I then sewed the panels together, added four  3″ pleats and all that I needed to do for the basics was add a zip. Due to the fact I had no back seam I had to cut 8″ for where the zip would go and sew it into that. I am extremely pleased with how that turned out! After the zip sewed the waist band (but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that).


Here is a picture of the skirt. Please excuse the photo quality of this picture and my Muppet T-Shirt haha.


I’ve not currently in the process of the cape or the blouse yet but they will be completed in the near future! Here are some pictures of my skirt and corset ( which are both not yet completely finished!):


So that’s it for today guys, I will update more regular now that I have projects up and running. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Frozen – Anna – Tone Drawing

Hey guys, its been a while since I have updated but I’ve been busy with school. Anyway, I was really tempted to draw Anna on another canvas but it doesn’t look as good when its in tone than when it’s oil. I had decided just to draw it on normal paper. So if you haven’t seen Frozen yet or don’t know the character I’m talking about, here is a picture of her:

So I got started by drawing a circle and worked into it by adding cheeks and her chin, also I added lines for where I would put the nose and approx where the eyes would go.


I then added her square shaped eyes and her think long eyebrows. Many say that this Disney Animation has the same character features of Rapunzel (an earlier Disney Animation) but the eyes are proof that aren’t (rant over!).


So, after finishing the eyes and all that stuff I moved onto the mouth. I really wanted to emphasize the mouth and that’s why it looks like Anna borrowed ‘the jokers’ smile. But I have made a few adjustments to the mouth after I had finished the whole drawing.


Once I was happy with the her face, I moved onto her bangs and braid. Her hat was sorta difficult to do so I left it alone and I went back to it later. In this particular animation, they tend to like wearing braids and when they do they are very thick so it was difficult to get the right thickness for her braids.


So, after all the fussing with the hair was over I moved onto Anna’s hat, that I had left to do after the hair. I had to look through many pictures of Anna to know how to draw her hat because I’m drawing my own version of her therefore I have no sample picture. Her hat is basically a bonnet so that’s what I drew, I then added some detail that is on Anna’s Hat/bonnet.


There we go! All finished with the outlines and I’m now onto the easy part of shading. This really wasn’t that time consuming and there wasn’t really pretty much nothing to do to it. Here is the finished drawing.


All done! I’m sorry I haven’t updated recently but school is a hand full now that I’m at my ‘important year’. Anyway I will try to update this Blog more, Thanks for reading !