Tinge Markers vs Promarkers

Hey guys, so this post is finally here! So just a fair warning guys that this post is going to be a bit lengthy and that these are my own opinions and not an am I saying that you should go out and buy them but this post is just to give you a little insight into these marker brands.

Tinge Markers

Tinge markers used to be cheap in comparison to the high end markers, however, they are now similarly priced as Promarkers but they may be cheaper in stores rather than online.


These markers are of good quality and will make an excellent addition to your art supplies but Tinge Markers do not provide a wide variety of colours which easily accessible in stores.

The colourless blender by Tinge is universal so it can be used with any other maker brands however, if too much of this blender is applied it can ruin your drawing.

Overall, Tinge markers are cheap individually, of good quality but the colourless blender could be improved.


Promarkers can be seen as one of the high end markers and they are available in almost every art store, and as “high end” suggests, they can get pretty pricey individually.


Promarkers can be sold in packages with set colours for various things, such as most commonly used colours in an anime or starter packs.

Promarkers provide a wide variety of colours and tones which allows you to be more detailed than using Tinge Markers (but this can be created by using only a few tones and a blender for the Tinge Markers).

The Promarker blender is good but it seems to ruin out more quickly than the Tinge blender and this is probably due to the fact that more is needed in order to properly blend out a colour.

Overall, Promarkers are worth the price and last quite a bit as long as the pen isn’t overly used.

If you were to ask me which was my favourite I’d probably say Promarkers as the colour doesn’t bleed out, you can use it on any medium (including silk) and they are easier to find and buy in comparison to Tinge Markers.

Thanks for reading guys and sorry for the really long wait for this post. More posts will be coming up soon and if you have any questions, just ask me in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Acrylic Maleficent Painting

Hey guys, so now that I’ve finished my GCSEs, I can give this blog more care and attention as I feel that I’ve kinda neglected it in the past few months.

I have a few blog posts on the way and a tinge marker and promarker post which is highly demanded will be up shortly and sorry for the long wait guys.

So until those posts are finished, here’s a little taster of what is to come.


Maleficent has been one of my most favourite disney villains and when she got her own film I was made up and I just loved how Angelina Jolie portrayed her as a strong and beautiful woman, a true role model.

So that’s why I had decided to paint her in acrylic. I am going to be uploading a post on how to use acrylic and various techniques with them.

Thank you for your patience guys and your wait is nearly over for those highly demanded posts.

French Renaissance Corset

Hey guys, so I’ve just started my exam sketchbook for my art GCSE and I’ve decided to focus on Renaissance (people) for the question “Together and/or Apart”.

Anyway, I’ve made a corset to go with the development of my sketchbook after being inspired by ‘Ever After’ which is the story of Cinderella set in the French Renaissance.

So I used the above corest as a starting point; bearing in mind the it is meant to be sewn onto a skirt and sleeves… Anyhow, here’s the step by step instructions of creating your very own Renaissance Corset.


First of all, I created the front piece mock up pattern using a roll of paper ( but you can use grease proof paper). I’ve made the corest to fit my dress form and not myself as it would just be easier and quicker to do so. And once the paper pattern was on the dress form , I pin it to the dress form and used a sharpie where darts need to be but in and where I would like my boning to go. Once that messy bit was done,  I took the pattern of the dress form and made a neater one with all my markings on it.  

I then cut 3 pieces of fabric out : one for the main fabric, and two for the lining (which is used to sandwich the boning). Then using tailors chalk, I marked out where I wanted the boning on one of the lining pieces. I then sewn long the lines I had created with the other lining piece – inbetween these lines is where the boning will be fished through (which is the next step ). 

After the boning was threaded through the lining, the lining was sewn to the main fabric. The sides were left unstitched so that I could turn it back to the right side and so that I could sew the back pieces to it. The back pieces basically follows the first steps about making a pattern, lining and boning.  

  The back pieces are then sewn to the font piece and eyelets are inserted in the back to close the back up ( you can see my previous post on how to insert eyelets here)

Well that’s it guys! It’s not that difficult and it only really requires 1 meter of fabric (for main and lining), if you play to make something like this and get into some trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments and I will do my best to help you.  Thanks for reading this guys and bye for now



Hey guys, so I’ve always been fascinated by photography but I’ve never really had a proper go at it – other than taking a picture of a pretty flower or something. Anyway, here are some of my attempts at photography.

Eiffel Tower 02/06/2014

Eiffel Tower

Strawberry Shortcake   01/07/2014

Strawberry Shortcake

Valentines  14/02/2015


Let me know if you have any tips or if you have any questions (I know I’m not great at it but I’ll try and find the answers for you 🙂 ) Thanks for reading x

Felt Making Tutorial

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on here due to the fact I’ve been busy studying for my  exams coming up in a few months. But I have found a way to blog and study and the same time 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been felt making a lot lately for my art gcse and I thought I’d share this joy with you. For those who don’t know what felt making is – it is a very ancient craft and dates back to the beginnings of civilisation. Wool fibres are felted using moisture, friction and heat. As the wool shrinks the fibres interlock and mat together. Many people will have found felting by accident.

You will need:

– felt fibres

– bubble wrap

– soapy water (in a spray bottle)

– rolling pin

So the first step is to intertwine your felt into the different colours in order to create an interesting mesh of excitement! Then place the felt fibres onto the bubble wrap (with the bumps on the inside as this will help with fusing)image

The second step is to spray a generous amount of soapy water onto your felt fibres. This is what will fuse your fibres together.image

Then, fold your bubble wrap over the felt and use your rolling pin it rub the soapy water into the fibres to start the fusing process. You should do this for about 15 minuets (depending on the size) in order to make sure it has become one fabric.image

Once you are happy with your fabric felt, leave it to dry for a day or hand dry it with a hair dryer.image

So that’s all it is to felt making guys! It’s a bit lengthy but it’s not hard and if you wish you can trim the edges as I did.image

If you have followed this tutorial I would love to see your fabric felt or If you have a question just leave it in the comments and I will answer it as soon as I can. I might not blog as much after this due to my GCSEs coming up soon but I will continue to answer questions and add a few bits and bobs on here. So bye for now x

Tumblr art

Hey guys, as so of you may know, I post drawings on here from time to time however now I have created a tumblr just for finished drawings (but I will still post tutorials on here). The name is ShadowGriffinArt. So have a look and ask me below in the comments if you have questions about what I used or how I did it.

Below are a few pictures of what you will find on my new tumblr blog:

Steampunk girl

Thanks guys for the support so far and an update on Anna’s Cosplay will be up shortly, bye guys x

Frozen’s Anna Cosplay Tutorial – Blue Blouse

Hey guys, sorry for get delay on this update to the Anna cosplay tutorials. But here it is, the blue blouse and now I’m almost done with the material part if the cosplay.

Firstly, I don’t have a pattern for the blouse because they kinda got destroyed with pins and markers but here is a pattern I found that will help you. The picture pattern below is similar to the pattern I drafted myself. I have not included pictures of how to sew it up as it’s fairly straight forward but if you do need help just leave a comment and I will help you as much as I can. And don’t cut out the collar or collar band as that’s coming up in the post


So guys, once you have finished the body of the blouse, you are best hemming the blouse ready for the buttons and button holes. Firstly I folded the edge over once then ironed it and once it was ironed I folded it over again and ironed it so that there are no raw edges.


Once that is finished, you are best moving into the collar before you sew the buttons on, because it’s just easier I guess. I basically measured the length of the collar on the blouse and my neck. The length of the blouse neck will be at he bottom of the collar and my neck’s size at the top. Also measure the the length you want the collar to be on your neck because you don’t really want it to be up to your chin.And because of the design, it will have a rounded edge. ( sorry that the fabric in this picture is creased haha I should’ve really ironed it)


So once you have your dimensions right for your collar you want to cut two of them out and sew the edges together on the wrong side. This is makes the final look more professional and less time consuming. Once you have followed that step you can sew it straight onto the body of the blouse.

And the time you have waited for, the BUTTONS! First of all you will want up to 8 buttons and button holes, mark these on your blouse with a tailors chalk.


I would advice you to sew the buttons onto the blouse first then sew the button holes. I am going to make a separate post for “how to make button holes using a sewing machine” ( this will be linked to a post shortly) sneaky peak:


So anyway guys it’s pretty straight forward even if it does look daunting it’s properly one of the easiest steps. By the way, here is a sneak peak of the cosplay, I’m playing to wait until the weather is a bit more wintery for the photos but I couldn’t resist. And I still have to finish the skirt, sort out the boots and makeup but near there!


Thanks guys for reading this post and for the support, if I have left things out it’s properly a bit self explanatory but I will honestly help you if you need or find other websites to help you with your journey of making your own Anna cosplay. Byes~

Tinge Art Markers

Hey guys, so for a while now I’ve been looking for “copic art markers”, copic pens is a brand of art markers but they are really expensive a whole set can vary from £30 to £300 for a whole set. But I came across “tinge art markers” in The Works in England and aren’t all that different from “copic art markers” but are more price reasonable.


Also the colours of Tinge art markers aren’t that different from copic either, give them their due, they may not be of the same quality but they certainly are still great. There are also a large variation of these art markers but due to demand, I was only able to by 20 markers.


The marker pen itself is also very similar to copic art markers, they have the double sided pen and the colour and code is also on the pen lids.

All in all guys, these pens are rather good even though they don’t have much popularity. Here is the website if you guys are interested : http://www.theworks.co.uk/search/Tinge%20art%20markers

Anyways, I’ve just finished a picture with these new pens and I will be uploading the tutorial in the near future. Thanks guys for your support, byez~

Update ~

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted anything lately but it’s ‘that time’ of the year, yup it’s my GCSE!I can’t believe how quick it’s gone from starting this blog to record my progress and now it’s my first whole year nearly done of GCSEs! I will continue to post things regularly after exam season is over 🙂 

Progress report = Anna cosplay, corset done! Cape done! Shirt nearly done (ish)! Blouse….. On to do list! 

As you can see I’ve almost finished my anna cosplay but I have it on hold at the moment because all my spare time at the moment is on revision for my tests in a week or so. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t draw…. Hehe loop hole 😉 

Here are some drawings I have drew, I have seen different drawings of a character and I have mixed them together, so if you see a picture and it makes you feel like daja vu, then you know why haha

fairy tail – natsu and lucy. This pairing is one of my otps, I haven’t finished this one yet but here’s what I’ve done so far :


Fairy tail ( again….) = Erza Scarlet, she’s an amazing character and I just had to draw her! 


So that’s it guys, thanks for all the support I have had and thanks to those who have published my blog, it’s much appreciated 🙂 byes~